Cardiff University Team and members of Terralim SCOP listening to a farmer on a field in Wales

Cross-fertilization workshop in Carmarthenshire

Cross-fertilization workshop between France and Wales in Carmarthenshire

A cross-fertilization workshop between the UK and France with Cardiff University and Terralim: a a day of sharing and exchange

Terry Marsden (Cardiff University), Doriane Guennoc and Victor Vachelard (Terralim SCOP), visited Carmarthenshire County (Wales) on February 26th. On the agenda, a visit of a county farm, a shared meal, and a cross-fertilization workshop to discuss transition trajectories between Wales and France.

The experimentation on the visited farm aims to diversify production, challenging the dominance of dairy farming and promoting agroecological practices while feeding school canteens. Key highlights from discussions included other local actions for children, like free meals and canteen access during holidays, reflecting the holistic approach supported by the local authority and the strong network of partners. Both of national contexts show that collaboration is essential to overcome common challenges, such as the raise of food insecurity. Local partnerships seem to give a framework for these collaborations. However, the sustainability of such projects depends on securing resources amidst the climate urgency we face collectively. Special thanks to the hosts, Augusta and Alex, for their warm hospitality!


Modification date: 23 May 2024 | Publication date: 23 May 2024 | By: Doriane Guennoc