What is ATTER?

The ATTER project develops an interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral exchange program for scaling up agroecological transitions for territorial food systems. It gathers researchers and practitioners in working on cross-case studies through secondments, trainings and workshops, relying on 16 territorial case studies anchored in five countries (France, Italy, UK, Brazil and USA) and on the complementary skills of the 18 participating organisations. The ATTER network will be managed as an action-research eco-system to boost the emergence and dissemination of knowledge.

The project is funded by the RISE (Research and Innovation Staff Exchanges) scheme, a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action promoting international collaboration through sharing knowledge and ideas between research and practitioners across the world. Concretely, it is based on a program of mobilities (secondments) that have to be inter-sectoral and international.

ATTER is a Consortium of 19 partners.

ATTER Open Conference Collective Statement

23 November 2023

Redaction: ATTER PCT

For a transformative and critical perspective on the territorialisation and ecologisation of territorial agri-food systems

Collective statement by participants at the ATTER Open Conference 2023
Participants of the Autumn School 2023
From 2 to 6 October, CIHEAM Bari hosted the 2023 edition of RISE-ATTER Autumn School, a residential training initiative co-organised with Schola Campesina and LAG Alto Salento 2020, gathering 9 researchers and practitioners from France, Italy, UK and USA.
Poster 3rd Local Food Forum
The ATTER team participated in the 3rd edition of the Local Food Forum which was held in Mirabel (Ardèche) on October 6, 2023.
Newsletter September 2023
Second newsletter of the ATTER network on Agroecological Transitions for Territorial Food Systems